Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Building Character?

As I've mentioned, I have a regular Tuesday night trail running group. It has been really fun, but is usually my toughest run of the week because I am always the slowest person and am constantly trying to keep up! This is good for me (I think).

Tonight there were just three of us; the rest were probably smarter to stay away, as conditions were terrible. We've had quite a bit of snow over the past few days, combined with warming/freezing temperatures and some rain. It's a slushy, slippery, mucky mess out on the trails right now. As a result, we decided to do an "easy" route tonight. That is, it's an easy route under normal conditions. Tonight it was pretty tough!

The boys were gracious enough to wait for me while I slipped and slid through the snow at a snail's pace. When I was feeling slow and tired, I just reminded myself that even though I'm the slowest person in the group, I'm still among the "hardcore", because I was out running through mucky snow in the middle of the night--on purpose!! lol (hardcore... or stupid? You decide!)

I wanted to take a photo for posterity's sake... That little circle of light is from my cheapo headlamp! :)


  1. Just the fact that you go speaks volumes. You certainly have my respect.

  2. Hardcore for sure, well done! I think this must be very good for you.