Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Summary

Light week, I only ran 3 times:
Tuesday - 5.5 miles night trail run in a small layer of fresh snow
Friday - 14.4 miles trail run. Icy sections slowed me down and made me sore. But overall I was happy with my pace.
Saturday - 8.3 miles road. heavy and lethargic.

Total: 27.2 miles

I don't know why, but every time I take a light week like this, my legs feel more tired and sluggish. But it must do the trick because I always feel better the following week.

I'm glad that I didn't plan to run today... about 4 inches of fresh, greasy snow has fallen since yesterday.


  1. Only 3 times but a good mileage despite the snow.
    Glad to be the first to comment your post!

  2. You did better than me, I didn't run at all. But I know what you mean, today my legs feel really tired/heavy like I had been running. Interesting.