Friday, February 4, 2011

Awesome Long Run!

I hadn't done a proper long run since December 3, so it was high time I hit the trails for a few hours!

This morning I headed out with the puppy, and my legs were feeling pretty bagged from the start. There was a part of me that considered bailing early, but fortunately that did not last too long. I ended up having a really fun run... it included everything from groomed, easy trails to some highly technical ones, shoe-sucking mud, ice and snow, stream crossings, and tons of rocks and roots. The slowest part was the ice... it was covered in water and lasted about a mile. The rest was great!

18 miles done, and it felt good. Now the trail puppy and I are getting ready to have a little snooze. :)


  1. Sounds like an awesome run! I'm from Florida and currently living on a tropical island in Japan and can't even imagine running in icy conditions! That is awesome that your dog runs with you. We have a pointer and she's pretty good at going (we've gone up to 12) on trails, but HATES running sidewalks. So, we struggle through the week days and make up for it on the weekend. Is your pup a border collie?

  2. hey, thanks for the comment. :) Yes, Sammy is a border collie cross (I think crossed with lab). He's very high-energy and LOVES being on the trails! Running on the sidewalks isn't his favourite either, but it's still good for him so I take him sometimes when we don't have time to do trails. :) The climate here is pretty mild, so there isn't a lot of snow and ice but just some right now as you get further away from town and more into the mountains. I can't imagine the heat you must run in!!

  3. That's a terrific run, way to go! Amazing especially if you haven't run a long run since December!