Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly Summary :)

Good week. My legs felt better than they had the previous couple of weeks. Also, all week I was following Scott McMurtrey doing the Atacama Desert Crossing in Chile. It was very inspiring and kept me running positive. :)

Tuesday - 5 miles night trail run, followed by sushi. This was our last true night trail run of the season, since the time change is taking away our darkness! We will still continue the runs though.
Wednesday - 5 miles with the puppy, paved, followed by my 29th blood donation :)
Friday - 5 miles, paved
Saturday - 15 miles: 8 by myself, 7 with a group, and cake afterwards (mmmmm cake!). This was my best feeling run in weeks, which was a surprise given that it was only 3 days after donating blood.
Sunday - 10.2 miles, half by myself and half with my Sunday morning running peeps. :)

Total: 40.2 miles. My goal was 40 so that is good!

Goal for the coming week is 45, with a 22 mile long run.

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  1. A well deserved cake... for the donation and the long distance run.