Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Summary

This was the second week in a row where my legs felt sluggish and tired. I don't know why... my mileage hasn't been high enough lately to be having that effect. Hopefully this week will get better.

Tuesday - 5 miles in the slushy, sloppy snow.
Thursday - 5 miles paved, with the puppy
Friday - 5 miles paved
Sunday - 15 miles paved

Total: 30 miles, and too much pavement!

Today I tried on the new New Balance Minimus trail shoe. I'm *almost* sold on it, but not quite... in a few weeks I'll go try it on again and see how I feel about it. I did run in them on the in-store treadmill and I loved how it felt, but a couple of spots on the shoe seemed off or too snug, even after going up half a size. We'll see. Definitely check them out though if you are looking for an awesome minimalist trail shoe!

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