Friday, March 25, 2011

Finally, a decent run :)

After taking a few rest/yoga days this week and quitting my stressful job, I wanted to attempt a long run today. Diez Vista 50k is in two weeks and I hadn't had a decent long run yet this month. I had no idea how I would feel today and wasn't excited about the weather, so I decided to keep it easy... I stuck to pavement, gravel, and easy dirt trails, nothing technical or difficult, and with no specific distance in mind.

Around mile 4 I started feeling like the backs of my legs were wetter than the front (it was misting a bit of rain, but nothing major). After a few minutes it was pretty obvious that my backside was getting soaked, so I stopped and checked my pack: sure enough, my hydration bladder had sprung a leak and was dumping water all down the back of me. Lovely. I was able to ration the water long enough to finish the run, but now I have to pick up a new bladder before my race!

Anyway, I felt better today than I have in weeks, and I ended up finishing out around 21 miles. I say "around" because my garmin was being pernicious today and kept shorting me on distance (in one particular 5km stretch it lost a whole km!) so I have to estimate my distance based on my knowledge of the route. I'm counting 21.

So glad to be feeling better. :) And now my work schedule is changing so my stress/busy-ness levels will be greatly reduced, which should also help. :)


  1. 21 miles is great! I've had that bladder thing happen to me as well. It took me a while to realize it was the bladder leaking. Good for you for getting out of the stressful job.

  2. glad you had a good run and are feeling better!!!

  3. Woohoo for good runs! I'm floundering a little right now. Physically I'm fine, but I just finished my first ultra (I'll write an RR as soon as blogspot lets me upload pics) last weekend and with nothing on my calendar I'm feeling a little lost. I'm sure something will come up. Keep feeling good and good for you for getting out of the stressful job! Amy