Friday, March 18, 2011

Time for Running!

As of April 1, I am trading my two-job-working-six-or-seven-days-per-week arrangement for a 3 day work week. Sweet. Basically, I'm quitting one job and going full time at the other. But it's a condensed work week, giving me four days each week completely off! I'm pretty excited about this... I will have to rearrange my running schedule but overall I should be able to get in more miles, and better quality runs, while still making time for the other important things in life. And one of the great bonuses is that my dog will come to work with me (he already does sometimes, but now he can come every day!).

The only hitch is that my work week ends on Saturday morning... and most ultras are on Saturdays! But I will work that out as I go, either by taking vacation days or leaving work early those mornings. I don't run a lot of races anyway, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

It will be interesting to see how my training changes now that I will have more time, and also won't be working awake overnights anymore. Last summer when I was training for White River I really felt the effect of the overnights, especially when I would do a really long run and then not get to go to bed until the next day (I guess that would be good 100 training! lol). More sleep should help in recovery.

With that said, I haven't had a long run in a few weeks, so tomorrow I'm planning to get in a good 20-22 miles. Followed by my second-last awake overnight.


  1. I've got the same gruelling work schedule, except no nights. A four day weekend every week totally rules.
    Not working awake overnights? Do you do asleep overnights? Do you get paid to sleep?

  2. yep, basically I'll live at the group home for 72 hours each week. There is a staff bedroom so I get to sleep at night (assuming no night-time crises, which are fortunately rare). I also get "flex" time each day, which is a 2-3 hour break so I can go for a run or a nap. :) So out of 72 hours you're technically only *working* for about 42. It's a pretty sweet deal.

  3. Sounds like an amazing change Holly!!