Thursday, June 3, 2010

getting things started

Thought I'd start a running blog! The question is whether I'll be able to keep it up longer than a few weeks, as I tend to start these things and not continue them. I'd like this to be not only a collection of my own thoughts on running and training, but also a place where I can collect some of my favourite blog posts from other authors. There is some great material out there!

Currently I am 8 weeks away from my first 50-mile trail race, and the nervous anticipation increases by the day. It was three years ago, right after my first 50k, that I first started talking about doing 50 miles. How did three years elapse without meeting that goal? Knock on wood, I'm almost there.

Happy trails!


  1. 50 miles is such a scary thought. I am holding out to Haliburton for mine. Hope the training is going well, and we read about it here.

    p.s. Check the date you have posted for White River.

  2. 50 miles, you're going to LOVE it!

  3. oops the date was indeed wrong. nice catch!

  4. I've been watching your training on RM. You're well prepared!