Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LT Workout at the Track

tonight's LT interval workout:
2 miles warm-up
6x800, aiming for 4:35, and ending up with:

plus cool-down and recovery laps, total 7 miles.

It was good. I am still feeling last week a bit in my joints (not my muscles, fortunately!). But the cut-back week is only half over so I'm confident that I'll be 100% again by Monday. :)

A friend and I tried a new (to us) track tonight, and I didn't really like it. The only benefit is that it's the closest to home. But it's asphalt instead of rubberized and there were WAY too many people there... they weren't even running. My friend and I were the only ones running. The field was full of field hockey teams, and they had their gear spread out into the first two lanes on one side. Then there were small children playing on the track, kids riding bikes, some guy playing with his dog, and several walkers. It was not cool. I think I'll save this one for rainy days when no one else is out.

In other news, I have been processing my feelings about my upcoming race. Every time I think about it, a wave of fear washes over me. This is a huge new distance for me, and not one that I can just fake. But the wave of fear has been consistently followed by a certain peacefulness. I have trained well. In fact, I've trained harder and more consistently for this race than any other, ever. I'm still worried about the cut-off times, but overall I've come to a place of calm, knowing that I've done all I can do and now it's just maintaining and adapting until taper time. The true test will be race day, and whether I finish in time or not, the whole thing has been an awesome experience and I will have no regrets.

I also think that I have managed to find that elusive balance between too much and not enough. I feel (almost) ready, but I don't feel overtrained or overwhelmed. I'm ready for taper time but not dying for it. It's good.

Only 3.5 weeks until taper! :)


  1. As Ray Zahab says - Ultra running is 95% mental, and the other 5% is mental. When doing your training runs whether Long, intervals, tempos you should be focusing on not just training the body but also the mind. When it gets hard, focus on mentally, as well and physically getting through the workouts and use this power in your race. (well that is the theory anyhow, let you know how it works for me).
    3.5 weeks till taper, mean 3.5 weeks of some hard quality runs that will make you even stronger. Go Get'em

  2. I tend to do pretty well with the ultra mindset... I'm better suited to it than I am to road racing, lol! Once I start, I just "settle in" and go. Usually if I lose it mentally it's because of too little sugar (which is why I'm working on my nutrition). But that's race day. Training has always been tough for me because I'm lazy (hence the "slacker" moniker). But this time around even the training has been great! Looking forward to seeing what happens when I have both the training and the mindset... should be good! Ultras are fun!

  3. Holly, you're doing fantastic. Happy that things are going well and that you've found the 'elusive balance'.
    Ray Zahab is THE MAN!