Friday, June 25, 2010

Long Run

Distance: 21 miles
Time: 5:20:24
Total elevation change: 8,800 feet
Calories consumed: 970
Tired puppies: 1

My calorie consumption almost made it to 200/hour, which has been my goal this entire training period. I have never actually hit that 200/hour mark yet, but having it as a goal helps me to force myself to eat even when I don't want to.

In the interests of listening to my body, I shortened today's run from the planned 31 miles. This means I won't make my mileage plan for the week, but I should still be able to make the monthly goal (300km).

Tried some new foods today. A friend sent me a couple of Hammer Gels to try--one banana and one chocolate. I did like them, but I found that they coated my mouth and didn't go down as smoothly as my CarbBooms and Clif Shots do. The flavours were good though! The chocolate tasted like pudding. Yum!

I also had some leftover Peanut Butter m&ms with me, which went down very well around the 20 mile mark. It helped that it was a warm day so I hardly had to chew them!

But I think my favourite new food is the Clif Shot Bloks. This was only my second time trying them and I really enjoy them. The flavour is good and they are really easy to get down. I was worried that they'd stick to my teeth or be hard to chew, but they are great!

Overall it was a good run, and I enjoyed being out there with Sammy, who is now sprawled at my feet, half asleep! My hip wasn't bad but it did ache a fair amount in the second half. I'm glad I didn't try to do the full distance.



  1. Peanut BUTTER m&m's? OMG, that sounds awesome!

  2. yes, they are awesome! try some. they come in the orange bag (and you have to buy the bigger bags... I've never seen them in the single-serving bag).

  3. Nice run and good job getting up to 200 cal/hr. That will be huge for White River. Some great climbing in there too!

    I find the bloks great to alternate with gels. Clif Bloks are the best value for the price, but I'm finding that I like the flavour of the GU chomps quite a lot…though maybe it's just me getting sick of bloks? Just a heads up that it might be tough getting Carboom in the future in Canada as I heard the distributor went out of business. Love GU gels, but just wish they weren't so expensive in Ontario.

  4. oh man... thanks for the heads up. I might try to stock up while in WA.