Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goodbye, popcorn

For the past few weeks I have been hopelessly addicted to popcorn. At home I eat air-popped with butter and salt, and at work I've been eating microwave popcorn (which is unusual for me!). Must be the salt...

But today is June 29 and I just finished off my last bag of popcorn until after White River. I have decided that I need to clean up my diet for the month of July. No popcorn, no chips, no candy, no fries, no alcohol, no pastries, no chocolate bars, no slurpees, no pop (except diet). This is hard for me... I love my treats. But I want to be healthy going into this race, and I also don't want to gain weight during my taper. So this is how it will be. I will not cut out cheese and pizza, or other things which have nutritional value and are good running foods. I also need to take my multi-vitamin more often, as I suspect I might be low on iron these days.

Amazingly, I've lost 4lb since March (but unfortunately it's the 4lb that I gained over the fall/winter while injured, so I am at the same weight I was a year ago).


  1. No Guinness??? Ouch. But Guinness has nutritional value.

    Seriously though…good stuff for being committed going into crunch time.

  2. I don't drink beer! It'd take some serious taper madness to get me to drink beer! lol

  3. All that other stuff is junk, but popcorn is a whole grain!

  4. lol. It's more about the copious amounts of butter and salt that I put on the popcorn!