Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week Summary and Race Report

Fall Classic 10k

I'll keep this short and sweet. :)

This is the race I pb'ed last year on the day my aunt passed away, so I guess I will always associate it with that, and will likely run it every year in memory of her. It also makes a great yearly fitness test for me.

I was pretty sure I could beat my old pb (56:27) because I am in much better shape this year (that is, I'm not injured!). But I wasn't sure how much I could take off. I decided to go for 8:50 miles, which would get me in under 56 minutes. These were my mile splits:

Final time (by garmin) was 55:10, so I am very happy with that!!

I do think I could have pushed a bit harder. At the 5k mark I was at 27 minutes (so on target for 54) but I slowed down in the second half. Had I pushed harder I could have been under 55. My muscles and lungs were doing fine but my tummy was starting to revolt and I didn't want to throw up so I slowed down because of that. Otherwise... it could have been faster. Next time. ;)

Week Summary
Tuesday - track workout. I did 4x400m (1:49-1:53) and 1 mile at 10k race pace. 6.2 miles altogether.
Wednesday - 5.7 miles along the seawall with a friend. Great run.
Friday - 4 miles easy with the puppy.
Sunday - 10k race and pb!

Total: 22 miles, a light week because of the race. Back to ultra training!


  1. Congrats on the PB. Nice to have an annual benchmark.

  2. Fantastic! Awesome new PB! I always say it's better if you think(know) it could have been faster. Rather slower by a few seconds and stay injury free. Well done for making your goal!

  3. Great work, Holly! Mum is proud of you, I'm sure. =)

  4. Nice PB, Holly. That's my girl! I'm sure Auntie Janine would be very proud. <3

  5. Congrats on the PB and an awesome race