Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15: Dedication

Today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of my Aunty Janine. She took her last breaths early in the morning, surrounded by family (including her three daughters), after having spent three months and her 45th birthday in intensive care. The three months had been a roller coaster of emotions, while a sudden and mysterious illness wreaked havoc with her body and our hopes for her recovery.

I was on the bus when my mom called me to tell me that Janine had passed, heading out to run the Fall Classic 10k. Running had already taken on a new meaning for me; I had thought of my aunt during every run, thankful for each step and praying that she would recover. After her legs were amputated, I had stood in front of the Terry Fox statue in Victoria and thought about her. Running also served as an outlet for the feelings of frustration and helplessness, as I was feeling so far away from my family, alone out here on the other side of the mountains. So on November 15, just hours after my aunt's passing, my mom told me to run the race for Janine. And I did. I shut off my brain and ran hard. Every time I wanted to slow down, I thought of my aunt and pushed harder. I ended up with a personal best time, and dedicated the race to her.

I will be running the same race again in a few days, and once again will dedicate it to the memory of Janine. I promise to run my hardest. And I promise never to take my life, health, or running for granted.


  1. Oohhhh deary me, haha. Maybe I shouldn't have read that at school.

    Thank you, Holly... it means so much that she is in your thoughts. I'm always grateful that she has done and meant so much to people... I just hope I can do half of the things she did for others.

  2. Lovely dedication. My thoughts are with you. My brother-in-law died of cancer and there are so many things that changed for me. I run every morning, grateful that I am able to live my life as best as I can. Take care!

  3. Little weepy-eyed me. Unlike Krista, I'm sitting at my desk, safe to blubber in anonymity. We had a lovely little gathering at the cemetery the other day and poured a little wine out on the grass for Janine. She would have loved being in the middle of all that. <3