Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekly Summary: August 13-19

Tuesday - 4 miles, paved
Thursday - 8 miles, trails
Friday - 4 miles, trails
Sunday - 18 miles, gravel/trails/pavement

Total - 34 miles

My biggest week in quite some time, and it felt pretty good. My long run yesterday was largely gravel, with some soft trails and some pavement and some hills. It was good, but I am hurting today. It does give me hope that I could be ready for a longer trail race this fall or winter.

After my post last week about shoes, I went to MEC to get some new trail shoes. I planned to buy another pair of Raptors, but tried on the Electron and Vertical K while I was there. Fell in love with the Electron, and ended up buying a pair.

Mini-review of the Electrons: I really like them. The soles are so cushy that they actually feel springy. Good on hard surfaces and gravel. They're really comfortable. There are only two things that might be a concern on more rocky/technical trails: the toe guard is not as good as the one on the Raptor (I don't know why they would do that), and because the soles are so soft they roll a little more to the sides, so it felt a little less stable at points. But I haven't tried them out on anything really hardcore yet. I think they will end up being my "gentle" trail shoes, and I'll keep wearing the Raptors for the hardcore trails.

Some pics from yesterday's long run:


  1. Great pics! I especially like the last one. I can never get my shots of tree lined paths to turn out like this. Maybe because my trees aren't as tall.

  2. Great week of training! Love the pics.