Sunday, September 26, 2010

Catching up

I guess it's been two weeks since my last post! That's mainly because one of those weeks involved NO running at all. Unlike the previous rest week, this one was unintentional, but I guess I needed it. My jobs lately have been leaving me feeling pretty swamped and tired!

Even so, last Sunday I got out for an awesome hike with some friends; we did all three peaks of the Stawamus Chief, about 7 miles total. It can be done in 3-4 hours but we took 5 because we really took our time with photos and enjoying the day. It was great! :)

View from the second peak:

That brings us to the past week.

5km, relaxed, with the puppy. I needed to stretch out my legs, which were quite sore from the hike!

Track work - mile repeats, like last time.
Including warm-up, cool-down, and recovery laps, 8 miles total.

This started with a group hike up Larsen trail (one of the many trails that goes up Grouse Mountain). It's about 4km to the top, and we took our time to accommodate the group. From there I ran down the gravel road to mountain highway, then home for a total of 13.5 miles. It was the first time I'd run the length of that gravel road, and it was much longer than I had thought! This loop would be an awesome training run for White River. ;)

Meant to do a long run today but I was feeling pretty trashed so I opted instead for 10 miles at marathon pace, which gave me 1:44-ish. My legs felt really tired, but the run went well.

Total of 34.5 miles for the week... no great amount but I'm happy with the quality.

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