Saturday, April 23, 2011

Broken... again.

Well, I have a stress fracture. I haven't had it diagnosed officially, but I don't need to since this is my THIRD time through this in the past 5 years.

Not too concerned about taking some time off since I don't have any imminent races. What I am concerned about is the ease with which I seem to acquire fractures. I wasn't increasing my mileage (in fact, April was much lighter than March). It wasn't from my race. I wasn't overdoing anything, and I wasn't doing anything stupid. So where did this come from? Am I more susceptible than average? Do I have low bone density? Is something else going on?

I have no idea, so I plan to go get some tests done next week. Might as well get everything checked out just in case... bone density, vitamin D, and anything else that might be relevant...

And I guess for awhile I will be walking and cycling instead of running. :(


  1. Poor Holly... I really wish you get better quickly! It sucks not doing the things you love because of random inconveniences (for me, it's reading a good book because textbooks get in the way =( ).

  2. So sorry Holly! It's probably a good idea to try and find out if there's a reason this happens to you. Hope you heal quickly, enjoy the break.