Sunday, January 16, 2011

Speaking of Water

This morning I ran about 20k, 12 by myself and 8 with my Sunday morning running peeps. :)

This is where we ran this morning:

The other direction looks on to Stanley Park and the Lionsgate Bridge. On a clear day, Mount Baker is large in the distance:

Weekly Summary
Tuesday - 5.3 miles with my night trail run group. One injury (not me!).
Wednesday - 3.1 miles with the puppy, followed by my 28th blood donation. I was very happy to see that my heart rate and blood pressure were those of an ultra runner. :)
Friday - 15 miles, paved.
Sunday - 12.5 miles, paved.

Total: 35.9 miles


  1. "heart rate and blood pressure were those of an ultra runner"...that is great. You are getting in some good training, well done!

  2. thanks, but it's not really training mileage... just maintenance (maintenance is good too, though!). My next (maybe) race isn't until April so I have lots of time to ramp up. :)

  3. How do you think you will do in May with the two races scheduled two weeks apart? Have you done that kind of race distance that close together before?

  4. Hi Jeff,
    If I do both, the marathon will simply be my last long training run before taper. I won't be "racing" it. :)
    But yes, I have done long distances close together (my first 50k was 6 days after a marathon! :).