Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Two of my favourite ultra runners have had spectacular DNFs this year. While these guys are inspiring at all times, I find their DNF stories to be the most inspiring of all. On top of the fascinating psychology and physiology of what happens, their amazing attitudes and thoughtfulness are what strike me most. So I'd like to share:
Anton Krupicka's Leadville 100 report here.
Gary Robbins' Miwok 100km report here.

Anyone can DNF... it takes a great deal of character to do so with the grace and honesty that these two display. If I as a runner can pick up anything from them, I hope it's their mindset.

(though a bit of their speed would be nice too. ;)


  1. The great thing was to see how Gary accepted his Miwok and rebounded for WS100.

    Anton's dnf was very interesting reading on RT. I have to wonder if nailing White River so soon before Leadville was an issue? He can obviously handle the volume, but still think that maybe he needed more recovery.

  2. it's possible, though he pulls off such crazy mileage that I can't fathom where those limits and lines would be drawn! I'm inclined to think that low blood sugar played a huge role, considering his descriptions (and, well, the hypoglycemia diagnosis at the end!).