Thursday, July 8, 2010

At One with my Raptors

Well, that's it... my last big run before White River!

I headed out this morning after a solid 8-hour sleep (drug-assisted!). It was 18C at 7am when I started, and would rise to 27C by the time I was finished. I knew that was too hot for Sammy to be out all day, so I did the first 45 minutes with him and then took him home and grabbed my hydration pack, and headed out for the rest.

The run was awesome! I felt really good throughout, even to the end. The roughest part was around the 22-24 mile stretch, but then I got a second wind at around the 6 hour mark. It was still slow, but well ahead of the cut-off pace that I will need for the race. And I still had energy at the end; in fact, I felt as though I could keep going. At no point did I feel bad, and mentally I was happy and relaxed and strong.

If my race goes as well as today's run, I'm golden!

I did get a little sun-burned, but not too badly because the trails are pretty shaded.

And I finally made the 200-calories per hour goal that I've had all along.

Distance: 50km
Time: 7:31:43
Total Elevation Change: 14,700 feet
Water consumed: about 5L
Calories consumed: 1600

For the very first time, I actually feel ready.

My La Sportiva Raptors, post-run:


  1. Ah...the hay is in the barn. Great run. Nice way to finish your last long run.

    Those are very happy looking Raptors!

  2. Nicely done... and a great way to break in the shoes. They will love you back just has hard.
    Just and easy 10miles today?

  3. ha, yeah I'm going to attempt 10 miles today... but if I am really hurting I will shorten it and make up the miles on Sunday!

  4. Trying again to leave a comment (did a little troubleshooting). It's incredible what a little preparation and a good night's sleep can do for a gal, eh? Woo hoo!

    Glad you feel so strong and energetic. You're going to rock that race. :)

  5. Yay! It worked. Of course, I can't seem to 'follow' you now but at least I can comment...

  6. It's showing you as a follower though!

  7. Oh, well, that's the main thing then! :)